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Learn to Design with Nickel Hardware

Today, it’s easy to enjoy a quick face-lift for your worn kitchen cabinets. One great way to do so is to invest in new cabinet hardware. While not costing a great deal, new hardware can transform the look of the kitchen space and add a hint of extra décor. For a dressy look that doesn’t include a dressy price, nickel cabinet hardware is a great choice. Nickel is rust and corrosion resistant, making it a useful and practical choice in the kitchen. Before purchasing nickel cabinet hardware, consider these design suggestions and learn how to clean nickel hardware.

Modern Designs with Nickel

Nickel is a lovely choice for kitchen hardware, as it exudes a polished shine and a dressy look. It is durable by nature and will usually keep its shine for years of great use. With their neutral silver hues, these nickel hardware items certainly go with virtually any décor. Brushed nickel and satin nickel hardware look the most dramatic against light wood cabinetry. The natural tones of the wood create a stunning contrast with the shiny hue of the silver nickel hardware. For maple or other medium-toned woods, try matte brushed nickel hardware. This more subdued silver look blends beautifully with the richer tones of maple cabinetry.

Antique Designs with Nickel

Those who prefer an antique look will love working with antique nickel hardware. Antique cup pulls help to complete the look in a French country kitchen. They are the perfect added element for this décor, adding a hint of old world elegance to the kitchen space without overpowering other design choices.

Keeping the Shine with Nickel Cabinet Hardware

You can continue to admire your nickel hardware for years of shiny use, with the proper maintenance. Maintaining nickel doesn’t need to take a great deal of time or effort. First, for regular maintenance, purchase a commercial metal cleanser to clean your nickel hardware. You should wipe each piece clean and buff each piece to a desired sheen. Believe it or not, one of the best cleaners to use on nickel is a household oven cleanser spray. Take this spray and spray it on to each of the nickel pulls or nickel knobs. Let this spray set on the nickel hardware for approximately thirty minutes. Obviously, refrain from using your cabinet hardware during this time. Then, wipe each piece clean and buff to polish.

For nickel hardware that is covered in dirt or tarnish, you may need a more aggressive treatment. Remove the nickel pulls or nickel knobs from the cabinetry and soak each piece in a solution of water and vinegar. Use four parts water and one part vinegar to create the solution. If the nickel cabinet hardware is really dirty, you may want to prepare this solution in the evening and then soak the pieces overnight. In the morning, retrieve your hardware, rinse each piece and dry completely before restoring to the cabinetry. Buff each piece with a dry cloth as desired.

Dress up the kitchen space and keep it looking lovely with nickel pulls and nickel knobs. Then, sit back with your cup of coffee and enjoy the sparkle!

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