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Selling A House? Tips That Will Do The Trick!

When it comes time to sell a house, homeowners will almost always benefit from investing in a few key renovations. Most homeowners, however, don’t know which renovations will help with resale value and which will simply cost them extra money. Learning tips for how to sell a house will help any homeowner with the resale process. While you can certainly invest a great deal of money, and make improvements to many areas of the home, these five ideas for how to sell a house should be all that most homeowners need to get that “Sold” sign up quickly.

Color & Paint

People enjoy coming into a clean, newly painted house. When prospective buyers come to look at the home, they want to see possibilities. It can help a great deal to repaint the house in a white or cream color. Even though you may love your magenta bedroom and your yellow kitchen, these color choices might turn off some buyers. With neutral color choices, and freshly painted, clean walls, you are inviting homeowners to see the possibilities in your home and to see the potential decorating that they may desire to do.

Kitchen Hardware & Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the main places where potential buyers will focus their attention. There are a number of simple, cost-effective redecorating ideas that can vastly improve the kitchen’s appeal. Replace worn cabinet fronts with white cabinetry for a bright, inviting look. Similarly, replace all cabinet hardware with nickel pulls, nickel knobs and new appliance pulls. Make sure that you replace the kitchen cabinet hardware with hardware from one dependable brand such as Liberty, Top Knobs, or Amerock. Purchasing all of the cabinet hardware from one manufacturer will ensure a consistent, uniform look. Create a modern look with nickel hardware that is neutral enough to appeal to most people, and yet decorative enough to add to the décor.

Kitchen Appliances & Floors

If you have a bit more money to spend on renovations, it is often worthwhile to invest in a few other kitchen upgrades. Replace the wall oven, cook top and other appliances with energy-efficient models. Purchase appliances in white, creating a clean look and a universal appeal. Replace worn flooring with modern, resilient flooring. Look at vinyl tiles, laminate flooring, pergola, and other similar options. Remember to select a neutral pattern and a light color that will look clean and inviting to potential buyers.

Bathroom Colors & Fixtures

A few basic enhancements to each bathroom will also help a great deal as you think about how to sell a house. People appreciate seeing clean, well-maintained and inviting bathroom d?cor schemes. If you have wallpaper in any of the bathrooms, remove it and paint each bathroom a neutral white, cream or beige color. Replace bathroom light fixtures with energy efficient fixtures in a nickel finish or in another modern design.

Bathroom Cabinets and Hardware

Finally, updating the bathroom hardware and the bathroom cabinets can help with the resale value. Add a recessed medicine cabinet with light, if there isn’t one there already and change the face on any existing bathroom cabinets. Purchase bathroom hardware in one, neutral finish and from one manufacturer. Remember that, along with the new nickel knobs and pulls for the cabinets, you’ll want to remember the towel bar, the toilet paper holder, the shower curtain rod, and another other hardware that the bathroom requires.

Armed with these five tips for how to sell a house, any homeowner should be able to renovate in under a week and get the house sold quickly. Most potential home buyers want to see updated kitchen and bathroom d?cor choices, and clean, newly painted walls. With these minor alterations, the home should be ready to put on the market quickly, and you’ll be hanging that “Sold” sign soon enough!

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